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Why go to the expense of buying new trailer canvas for your top-up tent trailer for only a few holes or tars. 

Canvas Corners reinforcing and repair kits can save you hundreds of dollar and make your tent trailer canvas look like new again. They are extremely durable and water resistant.

The most common areas for the tent trailer canvas and vinyl to wear or tear is in the slide-out bed platform corners.  The canvas is pulled over these areas to enclose and protect the bedding areas where we sleep.

Repairing these areas will add new life and durability to your tent trailer canvas for additional years of use, extending the time before new canvas’s are needed to be purchased.  Installing Canvas Corners before the bed corners are damaged or torn will save and protect these areas into the future.

Canvas Corners uses one of the highest quality and durable products on the market for our tent trailer reinforcing and repair kits. Once our product is installed, the durability of that reinforced or repaired area is stronger then the original factory material used.

The reinforcing or repair material can be cut with a sharp pair of scissors to custom fit the bed corners or areas needing repaired. Canvas Corners can be used to repair side panels and window flaps that become damaged due to heat or rips.  Custom size material can be ordered for repair areas that are odd shapes or larger than repair material included in our repair kit.

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